Claim Forms For Baggage Claims

If you need to make a claim for delayed baggage or have to make a lost baggage claim, you will need to use one of the downloadable claim forms found on our claims section.

Download the ERGO PERSONAL EFFECTS CLAIM FORM from that page and provide as much information as you can, including information relating to any report of the incident to the airline. Where possible, all baggage claims should be notified to the airline you are flying with at the point of the bags going missing or becoming damaged or delayed.

What if I remain dissatisfied with the decision after an appeal?

If you remain dissatisfied then you may write to the Financial Ombudsman Service to lodge a formal complaint. The Financial Ombudsman are an independent service and their decision is final and binding on the Insurance Company. This process does not affect your legal rights. You cannot lodge a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service until you have followed the claims complaints procedure in full and received a final decision from the Insurance Company.

Where do I write to?

Please ensure that all documentation includes your claim reference number and is sent to the relevant and correct address that is supplied on your appropriate claim form.

If you require the claims forms please click here. Or alternatively, if your require further assistance please visit our contact us page and do not hesitate to get in touch.


I’m not satisfied with the settlement; what should I do next?

We suggest that you first refer to your policy as limits, exclusions, depreciation or excesses may apply. The settlement letter will outline what has been settled and this may provide further information. If you remain dissatisfied with the settlement you should contact our travel claims team at Alternatively you can write to us at the address below – please mark “Appeal” on the envelope. The claim will be reviewed and you will then be advised of your further options.

How will the claim be paid?

Payments will be made by bank transfer, as part of the claim form we will ask for your bank details. Please allow 5-7 working days for the payment to appear in your bank account if the claim is successful.

We can also make a claim payment by cheque, if you require this please contact our claims team to request this.

Do I need to send original documentation with my claim?

The only original documentation required to support your claim are invoices and receipts. We also suggest that you keep photocopies of every item you send to us. Please note all costs incurred obtaining documentation should be borne by the claimant. This will include any further information such as doctor’s reports that we may need.

In addition to the claim form you will receive, there is an information checklist that explains the documents that are required for different types of claim.

How long will it take for me to receive a response to my claim?

We are committed to providing a quality of service – you should expect to receive a response from us within 21 working days. We will settle your claim, ask for more information or if not within the terms and conditions of your policy, repudiate your claim with reasons why the claim is not valid. To avoid delays, please ensure that you provide us with all the relevant documentation required to process your claim.

Please note, due to COVID-19 we have extended our response time from 10 to 21 days.

What is my claim reference number?

When you make a claim you will be allocated a claims reference number. It is important that you take note of this number and keep it safe as we will require this in all communications regarding your claim.

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