Located close to major travel destinations

At ERGO we focus on enhancing our service to ensure we meet your needs and expectations. If you suffer an injury or illness and require emergency medical assistance this is where our service is tested. Our third party medical assistance providers must meet our exacting standards. All operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year and all speak English.


The Euro-Center Network

ERGO own its Euro Center network. ERGO Euro-Center are international offices strategically located close to major travel destinations, providing localised knowledge and medical expertise.

At ERGO we focus heavily on service. Our international network of ERGO Euro-Centers regularly visit and review medical facilities worldwide. Each medical facility is assessed on hygiene, facilities, expertise and quality of service; this is rated against a high standard that we set. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that you looked are after with the highest level of care.

Our Euro-Center offices are strategically located worldwide that can actively support clients if the unfortunate occurs. Each office has fully trained, English speaking doctors on hand to liaise with the medical facility, the patient and if necessary their family. This is not only to ensure the patient is being treated with the relevant level of care, but to also provide comfort to the patient.


Emergency Medical Assistance

Whilst treatment is being administered, our Euro-Center and Emergency Medical Assistance teams monitor the case, if we are in any doubt about the quality of treatment, we will send our own local doctors to support the case or transfer the patient (if not life threatening) to an alternative institution.

We believe our Medical assistance coupled with our Euro-Center network provides local knowledge, expertise and assistance provides a service that ensures your peace of mind.

You can find out more about the worldwide network on the Euro-Center page, including global office locations and contact details.



Great cover at a great price

I needed travel insurance quickly, it was so easy to get with great cover & just the best price out there. Would have no hesitation in recommending them

ERGO Customer - August 2021