Travel Insurance with Health Problems; How Medi-Care can help

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Getting travel insurance if you have a pre-existing health problem can sometimes be difficult and is nearly always confusing.  That’s why ERV’s Medi-Care product is designed specifically for for people with health problems.  A whole range of health issues are automatically covered as part of this policy and even more serious conditions are covered through our screening process.  As this screening process is part of buying the policy, you don’t have to wait to find out if we would be able to cover you or not and would know straight away if any extra premium would be required.  We’ve compiled some more information here on what to expect from our Medi-Care travel insurance for people with health problems.

What will I be covered for?

This policy incorporates all the same elements as our other travel insurance policies such as emergency medical cover at various levels up to £15,000,000, personal accident cover, cancellation and curtailment cover, travel delay and disruption, personal effects, baggage delay and personal liability.  Dependent on whether you choose our Lite, Essential or Premier policies, the level of cover varies.  If you aren’t sure which level you need, just call 01403 788 510 and one of our team will be glad to assist you.

Which Conditions are Automatically Covered?

For people who have some minor conditions but no more than five which appear on the list of around 200 conditions, they are automatically covered without needing to undergo the screening process as long as they have been fully discharged from any hospital treatment for the conditions, have not had any increase or change in medication for the last three months and meet the criteria stated by some specific conditions on the list.  Take a look at our policy wordings where you will find a full list which includes conditions such as Adenoids, Gynaecomastia, Fibromyalgia, Otosclerosis, Labyrinthitis, Tinnitus and Vitiligo.

Which Conditions are Covered Through the Screening Process?

Approximately 250 conditions are covered through our screening process.  Some more serious conditions may incur an extra charge to receive cover but many are covered within the policy depending on certain conditions.  Both our online and over the phone screening processes are very easy to use and ask all the right questions to make sure you are eligible for cover and that the appropriate cover is provided.  The online process consists of a series of questions with multiple answers.  You can add the name of your condition or conditions and will be lead through the questions relating to each one.  Similarly, over the phone, you can tell our team member which conditions you have, they will ask you the relevant questions and tell you right then and there if we can cover you and what it will cost.

Which Activities Are Covered?

A large range of activities are covered including archery, badminton, orienteering, golf, snorkelling, surfing, tennis and windsurfing.  Winter sports cover is available as an add-on for an extra premium.

What is the Age Limit of the Policy?

People can be covered for both single trip and multi-trip policies provided they are under the age of 85 at the time of travel.

How Much Excess will I Pay?

We don’t charge any excesses exceeding £50 and our Premier product does not have any excesses at all.

Speak to one of our team now to see if your pre-existing medical condition is covered by our specialist travel insurance for health problems.


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