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Airlines don’t always get the best reputation when it comes to customer service, like most things in life, if people have a bad experience they like to complain – we only ever hear the terrible stories don’t we? Well, if you’re fed up with substandard service on flights, we’re here to give you our round-up of the best airlines and some heart-warming stories to prove these companies go the extra mile (sometimes literally!) for their passengers.

1. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines took the decision to delay a flight and turn back to Chicago airport with passenger Peggy Uhle onboard. The pilot aborted the take-off and took this mother back to the gate when he learned of her 24-year-old son’s accident. He was in a Denver hospital in a coma. Uhle was escorted off the plane when she called her husband, the airline had already booked her onto the next flight to Denver.

Uhle was bowled over by their generosity, “They offered a private waiting area, rerouted my luggage, allowed me to board first, and packed a lunch for when I got off the plane in Denver,” Uhle said at the time. Her luggage was taken to a hotel, so she could go straight to hospital – and she was never charged a penny.

Let’s hope this isn’t’ a situation you find yourself in but, rest assured, if you’re looking for an airline with morals, Southwest are up there.

2. British Airways

Best airlines british airways
Photo Credit: Fly Away Simulation

When three women turned up to take the flight they had booked from Gibraltar back to London, they realised not only had it been delayed by three hours but they were the only passengers on the flight, as the others had opted to transfer to an earlier time. Taking the opportunity to make use of the empty space, the flight crew upgraded them to first class and celebrated with champagne and a three-course meal. The women, who had paid £80 each for their economy tickets said they felt “like rockstars”!

3. Jetblue

Social media isn’t always a sounding board for complaints and disgruntled passengers. In the case of Jetblue, they have used to make a passenger’s day. When he tweeted them last year, letting them know he was running late for his flight from Boston and he would miss his chance to pick up his favourite Starbucks coffee, they contacted the ground staff and had them present him with a coffee once he had boarded the plane.

An newspaper journalist from the Independent sent a mock tweet to the airline recently when they received a different Birchbox kit from their last flight – they were rewarded with a $100 flight credit. Who’s logging into their Twitter account to give it a go?!

4. Quatar Airlines

This airline has done well to avoid any bad customer service PR at all in their years of service, which is an achievement in itself! They staunchly opposed the recent laptop ban in the US and, their most recent, quietly launched service? A bag-tracking service – this world-first service promises to track your bag from the moment you check in to the moment you get it back at your destination. We haven’t tested the service yet, but we’re sure this will put the airline streets ahead of the rest – why hasn’t this been done before?!

5. Ethiad

In another demonstration of humanity from an airline, Ethiad aborted take-off on a flight from Manchester to Abu Dhabi to allow a couple of disembark to see their dying grandson.

best airlines ethiad
Photo credit: Wikipedia

As the plane was taxiing, the couple received a text about their grandson who was in a critical condition. They alerted the cabin crew who told the captain – he took the decision to turn the plane around. Amazingly, when the couple were safely deposited back to departures their car had also been found and was there ready for them to get to their grandson and spend his last waking hours together.

If you’re unsure who to fly with next time you book your holiday take some time to consider the airlines that truly demonstrate out of the ordinary customer service!

*These are some of the airlines we consider to provide good customer service from reported customer experiences, other airlines are available.




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