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Buy a flight with BA but fly a different airline

19 January 2018

After Monarch Airlines sadly collapsed last October, there was a great deal of speculation around what would happen to their valuable slots at airports around the country but particularly at crowded Gatwick in the south east. They could have reverted … Continued

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Top travel trends of 2018

Times are a-changing in travel. Cost changes, political situations, shifting markets and a very popular TV programme are creating some interesting travel trends which are expected to be prominent in 2018. New destinations are opening up while established ones are … Continued

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Insider secrets on booking the best ski holiday

2 January 2018

We’re sure you are fully aware of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness, which means you’ve probably been inundated with discounts and sales on everything from electronics and technology to…you’ve guessed it…holidays! In true #ERVcommunity style we’re working with our partners … Continued

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