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Winter Seasonaire Insurance

Information on our Seasonaire Insurance product

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ERGO are Seasonaire insurance specialists and winter sports specialists providing those looking for long term insurance such as ski instructor course insurance. We also provide summer seasonaire insurance for those doing a season abroad in the Summer.

seasonaire insurance

Ski and Snowboard Seasonaire Insurance

Once you’ve got your job sorted, you’ve packed your bags, you think you’re all done and are ready to go – but have you thought about your insurance yet?

It might not be the most exciting thing on your shopping list, but it’s probably been on the to-do list for quite a while!

Whether you are working as an employee of a company or are a self employed Seasonaire, we’ve joined together with the team at, to bring you a range of winter sports insurance products specifically built for seasonaires like you.

How does it work?

1) Are you Seasonaire Staff or Seasonaire?

Seasonaire Staff – designed for Seasonaires who will be employed by a company. ERGO have removed emergency medical expenses cover as this should be covered by your employer. This means you get the cover you need, and not the cover you don’t. It is important to check that your employer will cover medical expenses, if not, you may want to consider the Seasonaire product below.

Seasonaire – simply designed for Seasonaires who are self employed, or those who do not have emergency medical expenses cover as part of their contract of employment.

2) Choose your product level

Seasonaire Staff provides you with three product options: Rookie, Adventurer or Pro, and Seasonaire provides you with two: Adventurer or Pro
You can decide what activities you will be involved in, and ERGO will provide you with the cover.

See what different activities are covered in each level

If you would like a quote for your Seasonaire insurance cover please click the button below, or go to and click on seasonaire winter or seasonaire summer.

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I was very impressed by the level of service.

They beat the competition by a country mile! Super happy and will most certainly be buying insurance with them again.

ERGO Customer - December 2019