Turn Economy tickets to First Class with these tricks

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We’d all like to travel in first class comfort and style if we could but, alas, most of us don’t have the budget for it. Some lucky souls manage to get upgraded when they fly but most don’t and have to face the cramped seats in economy. Don’t despair though as there are ways to dramatically improve your in-flight experience to give you the feeling of a first class flight with an economy price tag. Here are some tips to make that dream a reality.


  1. Where’s your Head at?

There’s nothing worse than being on a long flight and you just can’t do anything with your head to rest comfortably and sleep. Put your head forward and your neck aches. There’s no room to lean it back properly. If you’ve got a companion, you might be able to put your head on their shoulder but then you have an awkward arm in the way and if you’re on your own, you risk flopping your head down on a total stranger. A travel pillow is the answer. We’ve all seen them at the airport. The good news is, they work. Try it out before you fly to make sure you can get comfortable enough to have a nice sleep and dream you’re actually on a first class flight.


  1. Put your Feet up

Inflatable footrests are a thing. You can buy them for your flight to improve blood flow to your feet and be more comfortable on a long flight giving you that ‘laydown seat’ effect.


  1. Look Around

Keep your eye out for free seats. You don’t have to stick with the seat you’ve been given if there are empty seats on a flight. You could even bag yourself a whole row to yourself for maximum comfort or move away from noisy neighbours.


  1. Bring your Own

Economy airline food isn’t famous for being the tastiest thing you’d like to eat but you can easily get around that by stocking up on goodies in the departure lounge before you board the plane. You aren’t allowed to drink your duty free booze, unfortunately, but you can have an in-flight picnic that will make other travellers jealous.


  1. Create your Own Quiet

Noise-cancelling headphones are an air traveller’s best friend. If you fly regularly, it’s worth investing in a decent pair to create that first class tranquillity even if you’ve got a rowdy group of stags sitting behind you. Play relaxing music or audiobooks for a peaceful flight or get some really good quality earplugs if you want total silence.


  1. Get Picky

Give some thought to where the best place to sit will be for you before booking your seat. Exit rows are best if leg room is a priority and over-wing seats are best for stability if you tend towards travel sickness. If you’re restless, an aisle seat will be the best for you but if you don’t want someone climbing over you to get to the loo, pick a window seat.


  1. Comfort Blanket

Airline blankets, when they do provide them, aren’t the most cosy blankets in the world. By bringing along your favourite blanket, you are guaranteed to be able to snuggle up in a lovely warm soft blanket. That really is first class flight luxury!


If you’ve tried every trick in the book to get upgraded and failed, these tricks should help make your economy flight far more comfortable. Whatever your travel arrangements are, you can get great value travel insurance from ERV where everything is covered and you get a great service guaranteed.



Louise Boxall

Louise Boxall

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