Gap Year Travel Insurance

Why you should get it, and what's included?

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Organising gap year travel insurance is probably one of the least fun and exciting parts of planning your gap year travel arrangements.  That and having your injections.  Both are important though.  No one wants to spend their gap year worrying about what would happen if they lost their documents, broke their gadgets or found themselves needing medical treatment they couldn’t afford to pay for.  With ERV’s backpacker insurance, you can get cover for all the essentials for the whole year without breaking the bank or necessarily having to go backpacking.

Gap Year Travel Insurance
Do you know what you’re covered for?

Emergency Medical and Accident Cover

Let’s get the potentially unpleasant bit out of the way first.  Medical expenses up to £5,000,000 are covered so no matter how bad that snowboarding accident is, you can afford the medical bills, available on our Backpacker Adventurer upgrade.  Not saying that you would have an accident, of course, you’re bound to be a great snowboarder and those rumours about drunken shenanigans were all made up, surely.  Emergency dental treatment is also covered up to £300 because there really is nothing quite as profoundly miserable as a toothache.  Imagine that in your selfies!

Cancellation or Curtailment

Trips or parts of trips can be cancelled or cut short for all kinds of reasons and some travel companies are not very sympathetic even if it is something serious, your gap year travel insurance should cover this.  With cancellation and curtailment cover, the money you have paid out can be refunded or you can claim back any extra travel expenses you incur by travelling home early.  Conditions exist, of course.  “I want to go home because I’m bored” or “I miss my dog” are not covered, sadly.

Your Stuff

Losing your stuff through carelessness or theft, or carelessness and theft is often a serious concern for people away from home for extended periods of time like gap years so having insurance is a great comfort.  There’s nothing quite as stomach dropping as realising you’ve left your bag on a train as it pulls away or sticking your hand in your jacket pocket to find your wallet has been taken.  We’ve all been there and it’s not nice.  Having insurance to get you out of a tight spot if your money’s been stolen or you’ve dropped your passport in the sea makes the whole trip more relaxing.  The single item limit is £200 but we’d advise not taking anything too precious with you travelling anyway!

ERV Travel Insurance

Personal Liability

Sadly, there are always people out there who like to sue or claim against people who have accidentally harmed them or their property.  Even the most careful and considerate traveller could find themselves in a situation where they’re facing an expensive claim against them, which is why it’s important to get covered with gap year travel insurance.  That’s why ERV’s personal liability aspect of their insurance covers up to £2,000,000 of legal claims.  If you manage to become liable for more than that, you’re either an evil genius or Mr Bean.

Even ‘extreme’ sports such as abseiling, paragliding, white water rafting and sand yachting are covered by some of ERV’s backpacker policies so you really can go wild on your gap year without worrying you might get stuck up a creek without a paddle.


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