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last minute travel insurance

Last Minute Travel Insurance

With wages static and inflation at its highest level for years, making savings where you can is crucial to affording the finer things in life. Things in life don’t come much finer than a trip away to sunnier climates and with the summer fast approaching, booking up a getaway should be in the front of your mind. So why not make savings, be spontaneous and book last minute?

Some holidays are so spur of the moment that last minute travel insurance is the only option. ERV caters for those kind of trips through its specialised policies that can be booked at the very last minute. Really, you’ll be surprised just how late you can do things!

ERV GO Last Minute Travel Insurance

At ERV we understand that sometimes getting holiday insurance can be the last thing on your mind and a part of your trip that you only remember once at the airport itself. ERV Go is there to provide the perfect safety net and is available for departure from every UK airport, paying special attention to the busiest hubs like Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Birmingham.

ERV Go’s booking engine is a part of the regular site and only changes when you get to the policy options themselves. It means that if you’re used to our site then it’ll be simple and even if you’re not, the site is intuitive enough that it takes just a couple of minutes to buy cover. Essential if you’re stood at the gate about to board.

It’s actually surprising just how much cover you can get under ERV Go’s last minute travel insurance policies. The standard cover has a range of upgrades including winter sports cover, off-piste ski cover and protection for an additional three gadgets.

The second level of last minute holiday insurance offered by ERV, called ERV Go Plus, has a higher limit for medical and baggage, and offers the same additional upgrades for anyone off on a ski trip or with gadgets that need covering. Where it also differs is that it has cover for loss of passport, luggage delay, hijack/kidnap expenses, a mugging hosp. benefit and catastrophe. None of that is included in the standard policy.

ERV Travel Insurance

However, ERV Go last minute holiday insurance is not suitable for trips that require specialist cover. Anyone going on an extensive ski holiday is advised to book specialised insurance as it’s more cost effective and provides a far higher level of protection. Cycling and triathlons are also not covered by ERV Go and backpackers should also look elsewhere as this is not for you.

Another key feature that is not included in ERV Go last minute travel insurance is protection against cancellation. The reason that cancellation is not included within ERV Go policies is a simple one: it is not really needed.

Most people that use cancellation insurance do so long before departing for the airport. For example, if you have an illness that prevents you from travelling on your holiday then you would use cancellation insurance. It also provides coverage in the case of redundancy, pregnancy, jury service, military service, and can even allow you to cancel if your house or dwelling is destroyed by flood or fire.

If none of those exclusions involve you and your trip is going to be booked late then an ERV Go last minute travel insurance policy could be for you. Don’t worry about printing out the documentation as it will be emailed straight to your account and give you the peace of mind that you are completely protected when on your trip!

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Very helpful, good communication kept me up to date on progress. Really good customer service which is just what you need when under pressure of illness. "

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