The Top Three Cities in the World for Millennials

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The Top Three Cities in the World for Millennials

Millennials are generally defined as being aged between 18 and 35 and are often perceived as having their own set of values and priorities separate from those of previous generations. A survey conducted by Nestpick, a company that helps young people find accommodation all over the world, found that there were certain factors that seemed to attract the millennial generation to a place and they used this to create a list of the best cities for them to live and/or visit.  Whether their priorities really differ from previous generations is debatable but the trends they discovered were certainly interesting.


What Makes a City Attractive to Younger People?

According to Nestpick, a popular city for millennials has to broadly be somewhere it’s easy to find work, somewhere it’s affordable to live, somewhere that is open and tolerant to people’s lifestyles and somewhere people can have fun.  I doubt even the most staunch ‘Boomer’ would disagree with any of that but they may consider some of the finer details to be different priorities than their own. Decent internet speeds is, apparently, important to young people choosing a city to visit or move to as is gender equality and the sort of environment that supports start up companies and presents exciting opportunities. As such, Nestpick analysed 110 cities and gave each of them a score on the following areas: employment, start up potential, tourism, housing, food, transport, health, internet speed, universities, access to contraception, gender equality, immigration tolerance, personal freedom and choice, LGBT friendly, nightlife, beer and festivals. The results were quite surprising.


Survey Results

The cities which scored highly in these areas and where they gained points and lost points is really quite interesting.  Here is how they did:


In 3rd Place: London, UK

Our very own London ranked third in this listing and scored very highly on start up potential, tourism, universities and personal freedom and choice. Unsurprisingly, and sadly, it scored very badly on affordable housing. It scored quite highly on transport, but not so well on food and beer with scores around two out of ten. It also got less than five for broadband speed.



In 2nd Place: Montreal, Canada

Whereas London’s score was very up and down, Montreal’s was consistently high with only one score under five.  According to this survey, Montreal’s weak point is transport. Beer, food and internet speed were all middling scores but it scored very highly in immigration tolerance and LGBT friendly areas. All three cities got fairly high scores in gender equality.



In 1st Place: Berlin, Germany

Although it’s not remotely surprisingly that Berlin was named the best city in the world for millennials, the areas it scored highly and poorly in are ones lots of people wouldn’t have guessed. Berlin’s highest scores were in nightlife, LGBT friendliness and start up opportunities. Its lowest score was in healthcare and it only achieved middling scores in jobs, housing, internet speed and education. Beer scored highly, of course.


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