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For those of you who are used to driving in France, you’ll be familiar with the joy of trundling along French motorways. It’s almost unheard of to encounter any traffic (unlike our beloved M25) and you’ll find drivers sticking to their lane unless they’re overtaking (most of the time!) But with these convenient motorways comes a price. The French toll road system covers 76% of French roads and was introduced in the 1960s in a bid to create a network of safe roads that allowed people to get from A-B quicker (the speed limit is 80MPH on toll roads in comparison to 55MPH on A roads).

If you’re making a long road trip from a Northern port such as Calais or Dieppe down as far as Montpellier for example, it’s likely that you’ll spend over 150€ in tolls to get there. Add to that the charges you’ll receive for using most UK debit or credit cards, or the hassle of counting your pennies (and dropping them down the side of the car because your better half hasn’t pulled up close enough to the barrier) and the queues at some of the major intersections, and one is often left wondering, is there a better option?



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Sanef Tolling are now providing Liber-T toll tags for UK residents to use on French roads. Liber-t is the National telepeage scheme for light vehicles on toll roads in France. The scheme operates across all French roads and can even be used to pay for parking in some cities. The tags are currently available for light vehicles under 2 metres in height and cars with roof loads such as boxes or bikes.

The tag is fixed to your windscreen and as you approach the barriers the barrier will read your transponder, securely extract your unique reference number and automatically open the barrier without you having to stop. Not only does this speed up your journey and avoid queuing, Sanef Tolling will invoice you the following month for your tolls and process a direct debit 15 days later from your UK bank account. That’s a whole 6 weeks after your travel date, a good money-saving tip for anyone worried about shelling out before they’ve arrived at their destination.

To use the service, simply register online on the Sanef Tolling website and the tag will be sent to you, activate the device and secure it to your windscreen to enjoy hassle-free toll payments throughout the whole of France.




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