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Ski Cover Insurance

Details on our Ski Cover Insurance

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Whether you’ve booked your holiday already or just browsing, don’t forget to organise your Ski cover. We realise this if often the last thing on peoples minds especially when the buzz and excitement of going on holiday is building. However, sorting your Ski cover insurance really should be on your check list.


Why do I Need Ski Cover Insurance?

Adding ski cover to your itinerary of “must-haves” is not as cool as a GoPro, but in reality it can be a real saving grace. Accidents can happen and unfortunately we are not all invincible, least of all hurtling down the slopes whilst trying to work on your snowplow technique.

This is why ERGO’s Ski cover insurance offers personal accident, medical, cancellation and baggage as standard with our Winter Sports policies. We even cover travel delays and curtailment! Medical and cancellation are the big ones in most instances for Ski cover because most bumps and bruises occur from unexpected incidents on the slopes. For those of you that have been skiing or snowboarding before, you will know all too well how easy it is to not spot the flying teenager whizzing down the mountain.

With our Winter Sports Ski cover we offer the following benefits:

    • 24/7 medical assistance – easy access to assistance when you need it most
    • Local knowledge, local services – our expertise looking after you
    • English speaking customer services with multi lingual capabilities
    • Access to Clinics and Hospitals which have been inspected by our Euro-Center staff, ensuring such facilities meet the best local standards (more information on Euro Center)
    • Local cash free bill payment – whenever possible you do not pay the medical facility directly, we handle the costs behind the scenes
    • Repatriation – if you need to come home, then we will get you there


What am I covered for?

We have a large list of activities, so that you can customise your Ski cover insurance to fit your needs. We use a three tiered system, which consists of Rookie, Adventurer and Pro. You are covered at Rookie level as standard with one of our Winter Sports policies. But if you should feel the need for some added adrenaline you can upgrade to either an Adventurer or Pro level. If you feel like going off piste or you are an avid freestyler, you might want to consider our Pro level of Ski cover. The additional activities are outlined in the drop down below.


Activities List:

Adventurer Pro
Bigfoot Skiing
Glacier Skiing within Marked Areas
Langlauf/Cross Country/Nordic Walking
Mono Skiing
Cat Skiing/Snowboarding
Dry Slope Skiing/Snowboarding
Heli-Skiing or Snowboarding with Professional Guide
Ski Race Training
Ski Touring (Ski Randonee) with a Professional Guide
Skiing/Snowboarding – Off Piste with Professional Guide
Freestyle Skiing/Snowboarding within a resort organised park
Ski Mountaineering
Ski Racing (slalom, giant slalom, super G only limited to 7 days racing in policy period)
Ski Touring (Ski Randonee)
Skiing/Snowboarding – Off Piste
Dog Sledding
Glacier Walking within Marked Areas
Ice Skating
Snow Shoeing
Speed Skating
Ice Hockey


Our Products:

We have two products to choose from. Our Red Rookie product is for your standard cover and the Black Rookie cover is for those who want additional coverage and reduced excesses. We offer two types of policy: single and annual multi trip. Our single trip policies are for those going for a one off period of time or would like cover over an entire date range. Where as our annual multi trip products are ideal for those wanting coverage for 365 days a year and who are lucky enough to be going abroad multiple times a year. With our annual multi trip you have two options of maximum length trip dates: 31 days (available for Red & Black) and 62 (Black only).


What are our Cover Limits?

ERGO Red Rookie Cover ERGO Black Rookie Cover
No Section Sum insured Excess Sum insured Excess
1 Emergency medical & repatriation expenses £5,000,000 £75 £10,000,000 £50
2 Personal accident £10,000 £25,000
3 Withdrawal of services £300
(£20/24 hrs)
(£30/24 hrs)
4 Provision of screened blood £25,000 £25,000
5 Cancellation £2,000 £75 £5,000 £50
6 Curtailment £2,000 £75 £5,000 £50
7 Travel delay £150
(£15/12 hrs)
(£20/12 hrs)
8 Personal effects / possessions £1,000 £75 £1,500 £50
9 Luggage delay £150
(£50/12 hrs)
(£50/12 hrs)
10 Personal liability £2,000,000 £100 £2,000,000 £100
11 Hijack / kidnap / mugging £250 £350
12 Catastrophe £500 £500
13 Scheduled airline failure £1,000
14 Legal expenses £25,000 £25,000
15 A Winter sports – equipment £750 £75 £1,000 £50
15 B Winter sports – equipment hire £350 £75 £500 £50
15 C Winter sports – delayed ski equipment £200 £75 £350 £50
15 D Winter sports – unused ski package £300 £50
15 E Winter sports – piste closure £250 £75 £400 £50
15 F Winter sports – avalanche cover £250 £75 £400 £50


If you have any further queries regarding our Ski cover insurance please leave us a message via our contact us page. Or alternatively, give us a ring on: +44 (0) 1403 788 510.


Tom Stride

Tom Stride

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I was very impressed by the level of service.

They beat the competition by a country mile! Super happy and will most certainly be buying insurance with them again.

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