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We’ve all walked around airports with suitcases we’d like to kick. Now that so many airlines charge extra to check luggage in, we’re increasingly stuck with these sometimes heavy burdens and we all worry that the staff checking us onto the plane are going to take one look at it and say it’s either too big or too heavy. Help is at hand. A whole new range of bags have emerged that are not only not a pain to wheel around but actually come with really helpful features like phone charging ports and tracking capabilities so they make our time at airports easier. Here’s five of the best smart suitcases to make your travel experience all that more enjoyable:

Horizn Studios Carry On Suitcase

This suitcase really is smart as it has a hard case which makes it both durable and light. It has specially designed spinner wheels which means it’s really easily manoeuvrable over even bumpy ground.  Not only that, it also has phone charging capabilities to charge your phone up to six times plus lots of space saving compartments inside to pack everything you need away safely and securely.  These cases are available to buy now from here.Smart luggage

Trakk Armor

For outdoor enthusiasts, this is the ultimate backpack for you. Not only can you charge your electronic devices with its USB port, you can also use it to keep your things at a reasonable temperature inside no matter how warm it gets outside with its clever heat dissipation technology. It’s waterproof, lightweight, durable and has app enabled LED lighting to make you visible in the dark. This bag can be bought from the US at

Smart luggage


Fugu Travel

Do you like to shop while you’re away? With this suitcase, you can save time and money by not having to check in a large bag on your flight out but still have the capacity to make purchases and bring your goods back in the same bag.  How?  This clever suitcase expands from a carry-on bag into a full-sized suitcase. Using a special pump, you can inflate the sides until the suitcase is full sized and let the air out to shrink it back to carry-on size. In both modes, it’s very durable and comes with a GPS tracking system so you always know where it is. Currently, only available on Kickstarter, this bag is actually in production and will hopefully be available more widely soon.


Smart luggage


Like the others, this carry-on case has a tracking system and USB charging station but it also comes with a digital scale so you don’t have to worry about your case being too heavy to pass as carry-on luggage. In addition to the ability to track the bag if it’s ended up on another flight, it also locks itself when it senses you are moving away from it. You can also unlock it using the app too. This bag is available to buy from here.


Smart luggage


Yes, these are indeed the ride-on carry-on cases. They allow you to sit on them and whizz around the airport to avoid trudging down to the departure gates on those moving walkways. As well as having a riding range of up to eight miles, they also have two USB ports, LED lights, proximity alerts and tracking through an app. These bags are expected to be available to buy from February 2018.


Smart luggage

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