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Whether you’re planning to explore the wilds of the Australian outback, take in a concert at the Sydney Opera House, surf the big waves off Bondi Beach or go scuba diving to see the Great Barrier Reef, we’ve got the right travel insurance policy to make sure you’re covered.

Our policies covering Australia come in all shapes and sizes so we can cover people with pre-existing medical conditions and/or those planning on having an adventurous time by taking part in sports, watching wild animals or backpacking across the country.

Travel Insurance for Australia

What’s Covered

All our policies that cover travel in Australia cover you for emergency medical expenses, personal effects, cancellation, curtailment, personal liability and legal expenses.  Some policies cover more aspects of travel and specialised policies cover pre-existing medical conditions and some more dangerous activities.  As animals, the terrain and the weather in Australia are notoriously dangerous, there are options to receive up to £15,000,000 worth of emergency medical cover.  We offer different levels of cover and some of them don’t charge any excesses at all.


Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

People with pre-existing medical conditions don’t need to miss out on the right travel insurance for their journey to Australia.  Our policies cover a huge range of conditions and it is simply a matter of answering a few questions online or over the phone to find out if yours is covered and to make sure you have the correct cover in place to enjoy your Australian experience worry free.


Winter Sports

For people looking for snowy adventures in the middle of the European summer, remember that summer in Europe is winter in Australia and there are plenty of ski resorts in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania as well as the Australian Central Territory.  As such, we offer three different winter sports policies to cover everyone from beginners taking it easy on the safest slopes to experienced skiers who want to go off-piste.  Some of our general packages covering Australia also include the option to add on extra winter sports cover.


Backpacker Insurance

Many of our policies include the option to take out multi-trip cover that would be very useful if you regularly travel to Australia or include it in regular trips you take elsewhere.  We do have specialised travel insurance for backpackers or those travelling to multiple destinations in one trip.  Again, different levels of cover are available with optional add ons to allow you to tailor your insurance so you only pay for the cover you need.


Cycling and Triathlon Insurance

Cycling insurance cover also comes in different levels depending on what sort of cycling you’re planning to do.  If you were planning to cycle gently along the suburban roads of Sydney, you wouldn’t want to pay the same price as someone planning to go off road through the Snowy Mountains.  Similarly, the mountain bikers would need significantly more cover than the road biker, so would need a different policy.

If you would like to find out more, there is comprehensive information on our website, if you prefer to speak to some, you can call +44 (0) 1403 788 510 to find out everything you’d like to know about our travel insurance policies covering Australia.


Louise Boxall

Louise Boxall

Louise has 10 years experience in Travel Journalism, Blog Writing and Research in the Travel Insurance sector. Louise’s goal is to provide interesting, informative articles on subjects we know will interest our customers.

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