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Many people go on holiday in the UK without bothering with travel insurance.  You can see why when you consider that people’s main concern when buying travel insurance is that they are covered for medical emergencies in countries where healthcare might be expensive.  Obviously, as a UK citizen going on holiday in the UK, no matter what happens to you, you will be treated free of charge in an NHS hospital so that concern isn’t there.  However, people make a mistake in not getting Travel Insurance in the UK because they are missing out on lots of other things the policies cover as even the most comprehensive product we offer is very cheap for travelling in the UK so it’s worth considering.

Cancellation and Curtailment

With the proliferation of online booking in advance discounts, the risk of suffering cancellation or curtailment expenses rises.  Theme parks and other expensive attractions can suffer unexpected problems that cause them to close at the last minute which could totally ruin your trip.  Accommodation providers can also encounter last minute problems forcing them to cancel your booking or cut short your stay which could work out expensive without the right insurance.

Travel Delay and Disruption

UK transport is notoriously unreliable and even internal flights can be subject to delays and cancellations.  The likelihood of this sort of thing happening and the cheapness of UK travel insurance makes it worthwhile taking out just for this eventuality.

Personal Possessions

Just because you aren’t going abroad doesn’t mean you can’t lose your luggage and possessions unfortunately.  People lose their luggage in all kinds of ways even when travelling in the UK.  Leaving it on trains or buses is a common one.  Theft is another.  In fact, there are so many stories of people leaving their luggage in odd places, dropping gadgets into water and damaging or destroying things in many bizarre and creative ways that you wouldn’t believe it.  As travelling in the UK often doesn’t come with the same baggage restrictions as flying abroad, people tend to take more with them so it is worth getting cover if you like to travel with everything you own.

Money and Valuables

Sadly, theft happens everywhere.  People talk about cities like Paris or Barcelona being infamous for pickpockets but London is the same and all around the UK, the number of thefts from pockets, bags, cars, hotel rooms and others is really quite high.  Money and expensive mobile phones are also often left forgotten in restaurants, pubs and other places particularly when drinking alcohol is involved.

Personal Liability

In our modern world, it’s entirely possible for you to go somewhere and do something anywhere that results in someone suing you.  When people are on holiday, they are could be prone to incidents that result in personal or property damage which leads to someone making a claim against them.  In all our UK travel insurance policies, personal liability is covered to a high enough amount that any misbehaviour or accidents should be covered unless they’re really outrageous.

The Nasty Stuff

Even though no one really wants to think about something worst happening when they’re on holiday in the UK, it is worth being covered just in case.  Some of our policies cover things like funeral expenses if the very worst should happen but also pay out amounts in the event of loss of limb, loss of sight, hijacking, kidnapping, mugging and catastrophes.

UK travel insurance is very reasonably priced and covers the kind of eventualities that could easily happen on any UK holiday.  For complete peace of mind on your staycation, get a quote here.


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