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ERV’s Air Travel Guide has been designed to give you some useful tips and information on what you need to know, and do, when you’re flying.

Onboard the aircraft

Always listen to the safety briefings as each aircraft is different and may have unfamiliar safety precautions. It is an idea to take out the safety card from the seat pocket and follow along whilst listening to the safety briefing, try to mentally plan the actions you would take in an emergency.

Make sure you fasten your seat belt at all times; turbulence can be unpredictable and is one of the major causes of injury on a flight. Ensure your seat belt is secured snugly and low across the hips.


Wear sensible clothing. Natural fabrics allow your body to breath and should keep you comfortable. Long sleeved shirts and long trousers are also recommended as cabin temperatures can vary. In terms of footwear, leather or canvas low heeled shoes could also be considered to aid comfort.

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