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Travel Insurance for Germany

We think Germany is a bit a European gem!

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Here at ERGO we think Germany is a bit a European gem! (And not just because our colleagues at ERGO Germany and the Munich Re Group are based there!)

From its vibrant and cool capital bursting with history, culture, art and an excellent nightlight; to its alpine ski slopes and crystal clear lakes, Germany is both beautiful and bustling with plenty to see and do whatever your taste in holiday.

It’s also impossible to overlook the world famous cultural events Germany offers such as the unforgettable Oktoberfest and the magical Christmas markets. Holidays in Germany can suit a multitude of different tastes whether it’s a single trip for a weekend away in Berlin or as the choice for the annual family holiday in Bavaria.

Why you should consider travel insurance for Germany

Germany may not feel too distant a destination but travel insurance is still essential. Although Germany is in Europe and therefore covered under the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) it is important to note that this is not an alternative to travel insurance.

In Germany, travel insurance covers other medical costs that the EHIC will not, such as paying for your return journey if illness delays you, or covering your personal contributions towards treatment. For anyone hitting the slopes for a large part of their trip to Germany, travel insurance is essential and should never be overlooked.

Knowing that skiing presents its own challenges, Germany travel insurance from ERGO can offer cover for all sorts of different trips and may provide the perfect option for you. Accidents on ski resorts aren’t common place but they do happen and serious ones require swift action. This can involve everything from simply being transported back down on a ski lift to a helicopter performing a full mountain rescue. Without specialist cover, it can get very, very costly.

None of your expensive skiing equipment is covered by an EHIC either. This is where a specialist Germany travel insurance comes into its own. You can use your equipment to the very boundaries of what it can handle, safe in the knowledge that if damage occurs it will be reasonably covered by your policy. There’s even a bonus in the shape of valuables cover, meaning that you can hit the slopes without having to worry about anything back at the chalet. Just remember to lock the door behind you.

Ski resorts are not just about hitting the pistes and a Germany travel insurance policy from ERGO can cover you for a wealth of other activities. Everything from ice hockey, luging, toboganning and a whole lot more can be included in policies. You will need to choose one of the add ons to get this coverage and not doing so means you will not be covered, so remember to do so.

Travel insurance also does a great deal beyond just providing a substitute for an EHIC. Travel delays are an eventuality you simply cannot legislate for and without a Germany travel insurance policy it can wreck your entire holiday. By spending a bit of time to take out a policy you will not only be covered for delays but also for any other problems that may occur like losing luggage.

It’s important to have both an EHIC and a valid private travel insurance policy for holidaying in Germany. With your insurance covered you’re able to take advantage of the natural beauty, fascinating history and diversity of such an accessible and remarkable country.

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