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Google Compare Travel Insurance

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From the 23rd of March 2016, Google Compare Travel Insurance will no longer be available as a travel insurance comparison site.

Having been offering travel insurance comparison services in the UK since 2012, Google has decide to close the service for all of its insurance products (including car insurance, mortgage and credit card comparisons) after 4 years.


ERGO Express on Google Compare

This decision means that from the 23rd of March, ERGO will no longer be able to offer its Leisure (single trip and annual multi trip) or Backpacker insurance through Googles comparison site.

ERGO Express will still continue to be available through Moneysupermarket, Compare The Market, Go Compare and You will also, of course, be able to purchase travel insurance directly through the website – including products not available on comparison sites, like our award winning Winter Sports cover, Cycle & Triathlon insurance, ERGO Go last minute travel insurance and our Air Crew product for airline employees.


What To Do If You Purchased ERGO Insurance Through Google Compare

Firstly, you need to do absolutely nothing, so don’t worry!

All ERGO Travel Insurance products purchased through Google Compare will continue to be supported for the duration of the policy, whether that was a short single trip or a full annual policy.

Even though you may have found your policy through the comparison site, your travel insurance policy was issued directly by ERV. This means that you can rest assured that the closure will not have any impact on your service from us.


What If My Google Compare Travel Insurance Is Due For Renewal?

If your policy is due for expiry soon, or has already expired, and you are looking for a new policy for your next trip, you can get a quote today and use the discount code “TRAVEL” to save 10% on your policy.

This discount code applies to all ERGO travel insurance products with the exception of the last minute insurance ERGO Go and Go Plus. So if your next trip includes winter sports, cycling or even if you have a pre-existing medical condition, you can view the ERGO range of products to see if one of them is suitable for you.


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