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Staying connected while you travel

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When it comes to staying connected whilst you’re on holiday, there are two schools of thought. Either you want to disconnect completely, or you want to be able to keep in touch on your own terms. We are going to be looking at both options, but this post focuses on staying connected while you travel.

Staying connected while you travel

Firstly, we should make a distinction here about what we want to connect with.

Keeping in contact with your close friends and family is a little different from keeping in touch with your boss! Posting some pics of your poolside cocktails to Instagram is not the same as trawling through your work inbox.

So choosing the level of connection you want is important, and the best thing about choosing to stay fully connected is that all you need is a Wi-Fi signal.

If you want to disconnect, we’ve created a page for that too.


Network Connectivity

Always remember to check with your phone provider if you’re planning to use a mobile connected device abroad. 3G or 4G connections will allow you to stay online even if there’s no Wi-Fi available, but the costs could be high if you haven’t prepared.

Most providers will offer you options if you need to use your device abroad, and in addition there are plenty of apps around that allow you to make free calls.

But be careful to check that these calls are actually free in your destination, not just at home.


Socially Connected

Social networks are a great way to connect with your friends, share photos and more. As long as you’re happy that you’ll have enough data allowance, or have good access to Wi-Fi, then you can keep in touch as much or as little as you’d like.

Just one thing to remember when you’re posting to social networks whilst you are on holiday…

…if you’re posting about being away from home, then everyone knows your house is empty! Think about who you share this information with and where. Sharing on publically available profiles might not be such a good idea, so at least think about checking your security settings first.


Out Of Office Replies

Wanting to keep in contact with the office isn’t always such a bad thing, especially if you’re the boss for example. So being connected to Wi-Fi, or a suitable mobile signal, will help you stay connected while you travel.

If you want to have a little bit more freedom and check-in when it suits you, think about turning off your notifications for any apps that include your work contacts. You can always check them at your own pace then without having that dreaded notification that you feel you can’t ignore.


Battery Life

So you’ve got everything you need to stay in touch, if you want. But this doesn’t really matter if your device has no battery!

Remember to take adaptors if you need them for the power sockets, and think about checking out the wide range of charging devices that there are out there. Some of these will allow you to go days without needing to find electricity, while some will just need the sun or some physical exertion!

We’ve created another page where you can find out more about charging devices whilst travelling too.
Regardless of where you go, there are always options available if you really want to be connected.



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