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Travel Insurance for the Over 50’s

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Sometimes it can be difficult to get travel insurance for the over 50’s, whether it’s because of your age or any pre-existing medical conditions that you might have. ERGO Medi-Care can provide a solution to some of these problems!

Travel Insurance for the Over 50’s

You might very well still be in work, super fit and looking forward to that amazing adventure that you’d been planning for your next trip. But just because you’ve passed 50 it suddenly becomes a problem when it comes to getting your travel insurance.

Fortunately an ERGO Leisure policy covers travellers up to the age of 74, whilst our Medi-Care policies cover those up to 84 and can even cover many medical conditions that might have meant you’d been refused cover elsewhere.

About the policies

As with most of our insurance products, both the Leisure and Medi-Care policy give you three levels of cover to choose from – Lite, Essential and Premier.

This way, you get to select the product that best suits your needs and the trip that you’re about to take. So depending on the cost of your trip for example, you can choose a product with anywhere between £1000 and £5000 cancellation or baggage cover from £750 to £2000 based on how much you take away with you.

It’s important that you find travel insurance that matches your needs, so having the option to choose the policy that suits your trip and your circumstances is essential. When some insurers reduce these options just because you’re over 50, you need to find a provider that takes care of you.

About your medical needs

Whilst ERGO has one of the most comprehensive assistance networks and our pre-approved medical facilities for all of our customers, if you plan to travel with a pre-existing medical condition you might find additional problems trying to get suitable cover.

With ERGO Medi-Care, we cover over 200 conditions automatically at no additional cost. You can find out more about those on our Automatically Approved Medical Conditions list.

If your conditions aren’t automatically accepted, we offer a simple process to assess your needs either online or by talking them through with one of our customer service team over the phone.

About ERGO’s Service

We believe strongly in our Quality and Service ERGO Standard, and it’s our way of letting you know that you’re safe in the hands of an insurer that goes the extra mile to make sure you get the best possible treatment should something unfortunate happen while you’re away.

  • 24/7 medical assistance – easy access to assistance when you need it most
  • Local knowledge, local services – our expertise looking after you
  • English speaking customer services with multi lingual capabilities
  • Access to clinics and hospitals which have been inspected by our Euro-Center staff
  • Local cash free bill payment – whenever possible

If you’re looking for travel insurance for the over 50’s and are having trouble finding a suitable provider, call us on 01403 788510 and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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I was very impressed by the level of service.

They beat the competition by a country mile! Super happy and will most certainly be buying insurance with them again.

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