ERGO’s Seasonnaire insurance cover allows you to travel and complete your season worry free. We provide specialist winter and summer seasonnaire insurance for ski instructors insurance, snowboard instructor insurance, seasonnaire staff insurance and most other winter sports staff insurance from novice, rookie, adventurer or pro, see the links below to find the seasonnaire insurance for you.

Seasonnaire Insurance from ERGO

So you’ve bagged the job or got yourself on that all important course and packed your bags, but have you thought about insurance? In particular, seasonnaire insurance? OK, it’s not the most exciting thing on your ever increasing to do list, but it’s probably one of the most important items to consider when getting ready for your season.

Here at ERGO we have pulled together our knowledge to create specialist cover designed for Seasonnaires, whether your on a course or teaching skiing/snowboarding, taking a gap year, or even travelling and enjoying the gorgeous scenery in places such as Canada, Austria and France have to provide. We cannot emphasize enough the importance having seasonnaire insurance. Being on the slopes day in day out or working in the scorching hot sun everyday, accidents can happen, and it can help ease your mind to know that you have insurance should anything happen whilst you’re abroad.

How does it work?

Seasonnaire Insurance: Staff or Seasonnaire?

Seasonnaire Staff: is designed for individuals who are employed by a company, such as ski instructors or holiday reps and have part or minimal aspects of their insurance provided for them by their employers. This product ensures that not only are you covered whilst your at work you are also insured in your leisure time, this is often not provided through seasonal employers. Therefore, it is really important to ensure you are fully covered during your time away.

This is cover is extremely suited to those looking for:

  • Ski Instructor Insurance
  • Snowboard Instructor Insurance.
  • Holiday reps

Seasonnaire: designed for individuals who:

  • Do not have any form of insurance provided by their employer whilst at Work and in their Leisure time. It is especially important to ensure you are covered for Emergency Medical & Repatriation Expenses, this is included in seasonnaire scheme.
  • Do not have a formal job offer
  • Are still seeking employment.
Choose your product level?

Seasonnaire Staff provides you with three product options:

Seasonnaire provides you with two:


You can decide what activities you will be involved in, and provide you the cover.

Snowboard Instructor Insurance

Just to be clear, Seasonnaire Staff policy holders are insured for basic snowboarding within a recognised park on the Rookie cover. If you wish to go off-piste or participate in any of the other freestyle or more extreme snowboarding you will need the Adventurer or PRO cover.

If you are a snowboard instructor, you will need the Adventurer or PRO cover depending on what level of teaching and experience you have, together with the type of activities you will undertake. It is best to double check that you are selecting the right type of cover for you, depending on activities, location, duration, experience and also whether or not you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

As a snowboard instructor, you will have a good command of the slopes, but even if you are unsure about whether or not you will participate in any of the more extreme or professional activities, it is best to get cover anyway. If there is any chance you think you may be participating in such exciting and exhilarating winter sports activities then you don’t want to be left short without cover, or worse something happen when you decide to go ahead and do those activities anyway. ERGO has several different snowboard instructor insurance levels, detailed in the above links. If you have any questions about any of the activities you will be participating in and what our snowboard instructor insurance will cover you for, do contact our customers services number on Tel: 01403 788 510. Over 80% of our calls are answered within three rings.


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They beat the competition by a country mile! Super happy and will most certainly be buying insurance with them again.

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