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Times are a-changing in travel. Cost changes, political situations, shifting markets and a very popular TV programme are creating some interesting travel trends which are expected to be prominent in 2018. New destinations are opening up while established ones are being shunned, people are thinking more about the environment when they travel and the focus in some areas is shifting toward ‘experience rich’ holidays over traditional beach holidays. Here are some of the most widely predicted travel trends of 2018:


Experience is Everything

Changing in spending habits in recent years have seen larger numbers of people spend more on experiences rather than possessions. This is reflected in travel where holidaymakers are increasingly seeking authentic experiences by going to far flung or difficult to reach destinations such as Kuelap in Northern Peru where a sixth century fortress, larger than Machu Picchu, was undiscovered until 1843 and has never been restored. At the other end of the scale, experience seekers are opting for staycations in unusual accommodations such as tree houses, glamping sites and ‘hobbit houses’. Walking holidays, wildlife holidays and city breaks are also set to be very popular this year.


Kuelap, Northern Peru


Responsible Travel

Thanks in part to the popularity of BBC programme Blue Planet II, responsible or eco-friendly travel is looking like a growing trend this year. Also, the prevalence of disturbing pictures of animals being treated badly to entertain tourists and increasing awareness of local people being treated unfairly around holiday resorts on social media has led to travellers trying to make more responsible choices when they go on holiday. Many are looking for the most ecologically friendly options they can by researching the airlines with the lowest carbon footprints, eco-friendly hotels and eating as much locally sourced produce as possible. People are also expected to be more focused on booking into locally run hotels, rather than international travel giants who siphon money away from the local economy, buying local products and going on tours run by local people.


New Destinations

With previously popular resorts in Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey becoming less popular due to the threat of terrorism or political unrest and other places like the Caribbean and parts of the USA being struck with extreme weather, people are choosing new places to go on holiday. Others are looking to escape the crowds or go somewhere new and exciting.  Lesser known areas of popular countries are likely to become more popular this year too. Places like Alentejo and Centro in Portugal are gaining in popularity and Spanish tourism is pushing people towards inland regions to take pressure off the coast. The ABTA also predict that the following destinations are likely to be popular this year:

  • Argentina
  • British Columbia
  • Malta
  • Montenegro
  • Nepal
  • Rwanda
  • Sweden

They think these will be popular for a number of reasons including special events this year, easier access for British tourists and them offering a unique travel experience.


Far Far Away

Access is an important factor in long-haul travel becoming popular this year. The rise of long-haul low cost airlines such as Norwegian Airways and Thomas Cook Airlines has made long-haul holidays more accessible for the average holidaymaker and other airlines are trying to get in on the act. Starting in April this year, the Skyteam airlines, which include KLM, Air France and Delta, are introducing lower ticket classes with more rigid fare rules and no check-in baggage to be able to offer lower fares. In addition, longer direct flights are expected to return such as Quantas’s direct flights from London to Perth starting from March this year. This route will be the furthest distance travelled in a non-stop flight in the world.


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