Jagged Edges and Undisturbed Beauty: Europe’s Most Underrated Destination

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If you can just picture this scene for a moment: You’re walking against a backdrop of stunning mountainous terrain and sparkling lakes whilst exploring some of the world’s deepest caves. Afterwards, you return to the local village and relax with a local, rustic meal and a cold glass of local cider, straight from the barrel. You’re not staying at a traditional Spanish holiday destination. This is an adventure holiday paradise: Picos de Europav, Europe’s most underrated destination. Located in northern Spain, this beautiful, often overlooked destination will make you ask: “Why does nobody know about this place?”


Exciting High Places

People often list a good adrenaline rush at the top of their list of what makes the best memories on a holiday. Europe’s most underrated nuggets of adrenaline rushes are the three stunning massifs in the little-known area of ‘Picos de Europa’. With a name that literally translates into ‘Peaks of Europe’, you can imagine the mountaineering and skiing is pretty intense. Walking and trekking holidays are very popular for those who like to wander in the wild but there are also snowshoeing and ski touring on offer.



Not the Classic Beach Resort

This place did gain some notoriety within the climbing community in 1989, largely due to the 550m vertical wall on the west side of the Naranjo de Bulnes. However, Picos de Europa is still largely overlooked by holidaymakers, despite the offer of walking holidays from a variety of adventure holiday companies, such as Pura Aventura. The lack of mainstream clubbing and the mountainous landscape not being associated with beaches (despite there being some to check out!) contribute to making this place the most underrated destination in Europe.


Natural Beauty Beats Noisy Nightlife

The stunning sights of Picos de Europa are the obvious draw. Inspired by a trip to Yellowstone and Yosemite in America over 100 years ago, Pedro Pidal brought the concept of national parks to Spain, hoping to conserve their most beautiful landscapes. Picos de Europa, located around 130-miles east of Bilbao, is one of these. As you explore further, you’ll find more than just walking and climbing. Also of note, is the Torca del Carro cave which reaches a depth of 1,589m, making it one of the world’s deepest caves. The most popular destinations in Europe generally draw people in with nightlife experiences, but Picos de Europa relies on natural phenomena, making it the most underrated destination in Europe.


 A Foodies’ Dream

For the foodies reading, be sure to enjoy the fresh, handmade ice cream and speciality blue cheeses, which can only be produced in the local area. The Cabarales and Picón Tresviso Bejes are considered the most extraordinary! Wash that down with the local cider, fresh from the barrel and wonder why this is Europe’s most underrated destination.



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