What Your Snowboarding Travel Insurance Should Include

A Breakdown on what you should look out for in your Policy.

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We’re slap bang in the middle of that time of year when just about everyone is off to the Alps for a lavish couple of weeks strutting their stuff on the slopes. But, before thinking about getting the bag packed or investing in new gear, you really should consider investing in some snowboarding travel insurance.


snowboarding travel insurance

What Your Snowboarding Travel Insurance Should Include

Whilst snowboarding is no doubt one of the most exciting ways to get that adrenaline fix, it’s also one place where injuries are common place and the only way to ensure you are safe is to get cover well in advance. To give you the best idea of what you need to have before leaving, here’s a 101 on what your travel insurance for snowboarding should include and how much cover you actually ought to have before arriving in your destination of choice.

Get All the Standard Bits

Before getting into the nitty gritty of the world of snowboarding travel insurance, it’s important to make sure all the usual stuff is covered. Everything from cover for lost or delayed baggage to cancellation cover should be there as well as emergency repatriation cover should the worst happen. However, it’s most important to check that the medical expenses section is up to scratch and has the level required for a trip of this type.

Make Sure Medical Cover is Enough

 It’s a given that any snowboarding travel insurance worth buying will have full winter sports cover, but you must thumb through the small print to make sure what you’re getting covers you. The medical cover should insure you against injuries sustained on the slopes themselves and it’s good to get up to £5 million in medical cover. Other clauses specific to snowboarding travel insurance include tailored travel back to the UK if you do get injured, cover for rescue from the mountain itself and a helpline that is open 24/7.

Don’t Let The Weather Spoil Things

Us Brits are used to the weather spoiling our plans but by making sure your travel insurance includes provision for days lost due to bad weather can soften the blow when a trip is hit by bad weather. Plenty of policies protect you for days when your ski passes are useless due to bad weather and some even cover you if you are struck down by illness. Compensation comes in the form of a daily payment and is a nice little sweetener if piste closure ends up being a problem in your resort.

Cover Your Board (and the rest!)

Snowboards retail at a reasonable enough price level these days that plenty of piste addicts have their own kit and making sure it is included in the policy is critical. The level of cover offered by snowboarding travel insurance for winter sports equipment varies depending on the policy and this is an area to look at closely. Will the amount being quoted be enough for your brand new board and, if not, is there an alternative policy that it will be covered by? It’s often worth investing a little bit more money to get extensive coverage than be left with an expensive board that is snapped in half and you cannot replace.

Going Off Piste? Be prepared

Getting stuck into the untouched snow offered by an off-piste day is something that experienced snowboarders can’t get enough of. Unfortunately, plenty of insurers will go out of their way not to offer this type of coverage to you as part of a snowboarding travel insurance policy and it’s worth checking the small print.

 Also, do some research before you leave. Each resort will have a different level of untouched powder ready to be explored and in some parts of the world there are even organised groups that will go out to find the stuff. Failing that, be sure to sort out a professional guide to take you out there in order to make things that little bit more safe. Not too safe, of course. This is an extreme sport after all!

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